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    this will always be my favourite post on tumblr ever ok

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    spongebob really understood this whole gender thing on a deeper level

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    "Selfie with my new human." #nofilter #nomakeup #puglife [via]

    This is the greatest photograph and tags combination I have ever seen, the joys of life.

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    The story of Beth Thomas is a shocking one. Horribly abused by her biological father until 19 months of age, by the time social services came and rescued her, she had already been incredibly scarred and severely detached. Beth started developing disturbing behaviors, especially towards her adoptive parents and younger brother, Jonathan. Her mom Julie caught Beth masturbating several times a day until she made her own vagina bleed and had to be hospitalized. Beth poked pins into her brother and into her parents’ pets. As she got older, on a particularly violent occasion she smashed her brother’s head into the cement floor of their basement until he needed stitches to close a gash in his forehead. Beth’s intention was not merely to harm her brother but to kill him. She often voiced her desire to kill her entire family including her parents. Yet the most disturbing aspect of Beth’s behavior was her complete lack of remorse and concern for her actions. She was well aware that her actions were wrong and hurtful but this did not matter to her. Not long after these incidents her parents brought her to a therapist named Connell Watkins, who diagnosed Beth with a severe case of Reactive Attachment Disorder. HBO aired a documentary on Beth titled Child of Rage. After many years of therapy, Beth has grown up normal and is now a pediatric nurse.

    Watch the full documentary. 

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    Italian special force soldier after 72 hour battle in Afghanistan

    School for black civil rights activists. Young girl being trained to not react to smoke blown in her face, 1960

    Disability activists abandon their wheelchairs and mobility devices and crawl up the 83 stone steps of the U.S. Capitol Building demanding the passage of the American with Disability Act, March 12, 1990.

    A south Korean man cries as his brother is on a train back to North Korea. Separated by the war, they have not seen the other since 1950. They were allowed to see each other for three days, but one will go back spending life in luxury, and the other in hard labour

     The Mocambo night club in East Hollywood, a white’s only club, was the most popular dance spot around but would not book Ella because she was black. Marilyn, who adored Ella Fitzgerald and her music, called the manager and demanded that they book Ella immediately

    Portrait of Istvan Reiner, taken shortly before he was killed in Auschwitz

    Werfel, a 6 year old orphan from Austria has just been given his first pair of new shoes by the American Red Cross,1946.

    The last Jew of Vinnitsa

    Until the mid-60s, the Aboriginals came under the Flora And Fauna Act, which classified them as animals, not human beings. This also meant that killing an Aboriginal meant you weren’t killing a human being, but an animal.

    Here’s a link to 75 iconic pictures of the 21st century

    I hope you guys learned and teared up from this as much as I did. 

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    this nigga had so many angles. who directed this video lmao

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    i hereby motion to make this law

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    Ancient Puppy Paw Prints Found on Roman Tiles

    i got really happy about this and then i was like “this dog is probably dead” and now i am crying

    Probably dead


    There’s hope, apparently.

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    everything’s so funny when u use the wrong measurement:

    • 5 gallons of homework
    • mouthful of lint
    • 20 degrees of facial oil
    • 7 pints of china
    • handful of fergi
    • 60 mph of dad

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    Something I realised, after having to help many international tourists count out their change, is that American coins don’t actually have the number value on them??? Like no wonder all these poor tourists are so confused



    it just fucking says one “dime”

    what the fuck is a dime

    how much is it worth

    whose idea was this

    oh my god i never even realized that what the hell we all just sort of know what they’re worth through some sixth sense bullshit

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